I'm Spike.

I'm Spike.
Really my tag says so and everything!
I belong to my Laurie and "the man" (Danny: Laurie's husband and my adopted father).  Laurie is the love of my pug life, and Danny is growing on me a little more each day.

I came to Laurie from the Colorado Pug Rescue with one (not so good) eye because of an infection and unfortunate run-in with my foster brother pug.  It's okay though, I do really well for myself.

I am a world-class snuggler.  In fact "the man" calls me the world's only living paperweight.

I like to play with toys - anything that I can retrieve.

I also answer to Spike-Bike, Spike-Monster, and variations on the word "Piddles" for an unfortunate yet obvious reason, although I am trying to get better about that one.

Laurie is slowly starting to let me take over this blog on occasion for something she calls, "The Spike Series". 
Check it out, please; so that I can keep coming back!

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